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Hi I'm Kieren - and I'm proud to be creating top quality ebook covers, cover graphics and minisites for scores of happy clients worldwide. My clients report that my graphics help them sell significantly more products, and it's not just the Gurus who report this, as I'm regularly working along-side small business owners as well..
eBook covers and mini site designs are in heavy demand by my clients, but, in fact, you can have just about any type of cover graphics or minisite graphics made here at a very low investment.
In fact, if you have one of the following product types in mind, or even anything similar, then I'll assure you, I'm ready and able to help you with your designs:
  • Paperback eBook Covers
  • Hardback eBook Covers
  • Minisite Graphics Packages
  • eBinder Cover Styles
  • Assorted Software Boxes
  • eZine Cover Styles
  • DVD or CD Jewel Cases
  • Paper Gift Bags
  • Assorted Open Boxes
  • Membership & Club Cards
  • Desktop LCD Graphics
  • Single CDs or stacked CDs
And to give you a better idea of what range of ebook covers & cover graphics I'm offering both in packages by themselves and in matching minisite graphics packages, below are over 20 ecover styles you can currently choose from. Try viewing some of these styles closer simply by hovering your mouse over one or two..

There's sure to be the right solution here for every marketer, and if you don't see something you need, then just drop me a line and I'll help you out!

When you place your order for your new graphics package you get a full range- including
9 popular image sizes, and 3 of the most popular image file formats (GIF, JPG and PNG). This makes your graphics package complete, with a total of 27 Full Color ecover images to use everywhere and anywhere you want.
Additionally, every graphics package I deliver to my clients includes these Important extra benefits:
  • Optimized for faster webpage loading times (Very important because your hard-earned website visitors aren't going to stick around to see your offer if you keep them waiting!)
  • High quality graphics with a strong attention to minor details (Web users now EXPECT quality websites to load with good-looking graphics and images- If you don't have these you may not receive the respect you deserve!)
  • Minisites provided ready for you to "plug-and-play" without the need to play around with HTML coding or tables. Every minisite package you get from is created with a wide spectrum of internet browsers in mind- ready to go with W3C validated HTML code in place. (This ensures that your site is going to be visible in as many browsers as possible, showing up right for your visitors first time, every time!)
  • Turn-around times which satisfy marketer's deadlines! (With internet marketers having tighter schedules and larger product launches to unroll, minimal turn-around times have become an expectation!)
And you need to realise, you wont find this kind of HUGE minisite and ecover design service offered anywhere else online at this price!
You see, even for anything remotely similar you'd expect to pay at least $100.00 - and that's just for the ecover image. Minisite packages with similar benefits sell quickly for as much as $199 and up regularly. Even then, many aren't willing to provide the number of image variations that I'm offering in each and every one of my packages. The choice and variety TrustyCovers provides are what really make our service unique and complete..
But that's not all. Today,
to sweeten the deal, I'm offering YOU my full mini site and ecover design service at a heavy discount. This is your opportunity to make off with high-converting graphics designed for your specific needs...


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If you're still not sure whether you really need a professional ecover image or minisite design for your product, know that in general, people have and will always judge a book by it's cover. This means your product can be benefited or hindered by the graphics you use to represent it. (It's kind of like a psychological shortcut we take to save doing any more work than necessary)..

Because of this shortcut your visitors take, your product and website graphics will be among the first things getting scrutinized, so you don't want to be left in gutter with every other product in your market simply by missing this simple yet important element!

And let's face it- for this reason alone, you CANNOT afford to be going without a superior graphic designer when you create a new product to sell- but it's just as important you replace any poor, misleading product cover graphics and minisite designs you may be already using with some shiny new mini site graphics, ebook covers or cover graphics that'll speak a thousand more words of quality to your one-time visitor!
"The Best Thing About Almost EVERY PERSON'S Tendency to 'Judge a Book by it's Cover' is The Fact That You Can Easily Use it to YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Too!"
..Of course, the best thing about getting a top-quality cover design made for you here is you can start making a whole bunch more sales within just days..And you barely need to lift a finger!
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And as this is a custom design service, I'm only making this offer available to 12 people this week so the graphics you receive from me are assured of being the highest standard. Obviously you'll need to get in on this Limited offer before just 12 other marketers take me up on this very under-priced offer. You can avoid any frustration by getting your order in right now.
P.S. Once these spots have gone I may choose to stop offering this at such a discount, meaning I'll be raising my price to be closer to my competition- rates which are much more realistic!
For you, this means the cost of product site graphics may not be affordable any more, and will have at least doubled by the time you act! Don't delay- get your professional graphics designed for you.
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